Who am I?

Michael Jon Vanderpool is an aspiring aspirer. Writer, dreamer, videographer, schemer, rapper, roller, father, son, husband. Actually have spent the last 15 years learning about all things internet, including search engine optimization and marketing as well as video production primarily focused for the web.

Michael is an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses and been involved with start-up companies from bricks and mortar retail stores to e-commerce web sites.

Graduated in 2004 from Oakland University and currently working on a Master’s of Education in Learning Design at Bowling Green State University.

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New box design for S3


This is a new box design for Simple Shelving Solutions new product, the BLG-00024 – 24″ black glass shelf. The images were photos taken by myself and edited using Photoshop. The layout was done using Adobe Illustrator and exported as a PDF file for the packaging plant to use.

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This was a project that never got legs. We wanted to document every MLK JR BLVD in the country and create a documentary film along with a photo book.

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Web site design and build

Simple Shelving Solutions, LLC – http://flatscreenshelving.com

Tasks performed: Search engine optimization, shopping cart set up, Google Analytics monitoring, Google Adsense management, video production, logo design, graphic design

Highlights: With limited advertising budget, have converted monthly sales

Victory Fireworks – http://fireworksfireworks.com

Tasks performed: Search engine optimization, Google Anaylitcs monitoring, video production of product videos and television commercial, logo desgin, graphic design.


#1 in Google for search: Michigan fireworks stores

#4 in Google for search: Ohio fireworks stores

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Video Production – Simple Shelving Solutions, LLC Floating Shelf

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Packaging Design – Simple Shelving Solutions, LLC

This box design is for a floating shelf.  I was the photographer, editor, and designer on this project. The above box was the prototype.

And here is the final verdict:


* I only did the outer box design.

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Video Production – Medici Gallery Sarasota, FL

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Video Production – Lincoln Mall Road, South Beach Miami

Was down in South Beach shooting some condo vacation rental videos and wanted some “stuff to do” footage.  Got so lucky with that rooster shot! Amazing thing is, I went back down a few months later to shoot more video and got the same guy riding his bike with the same rooster.

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